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ICC Founder and CEO Toy Addington
Certified Professional Life Coach
15 years of Excellent Service

Toy is a Master Certified Business/Life Coach. As a result of her hard work and dedication, she built a six-figure income by the age of 28! She is a perfect example of one’s past not dictating their future. She is the owner of Girlie Lace Wigs (11 years), Vice President of the Ladies of Distinction, C.E.O of I Can’t Coaching, I Can’t Coaching Life Coaching School, Founder of Mrs. Budget Boss Academy 501(c)(3) Organization, Founder of Niecy’s Hands on Us Back to School Backpack Drive, Concert Promoter and Founder of the "Iron Sharpens Iron Network", C.E.O of ICC Life Coach Institution, LLC. She's built a global elite coaching business and loves coaching the coaches and leaders. She has a gift of transforming people through her coaching,  personally and professionally. 

She has received exemplary sales training from some of the best elite training programs in the WORLD. Subsequently, she has designed sales training programs to help YOU with your business goals and to expand YOUR business, which creates the opportunity of experiencing the same level of success in your career and business with the potential for one of the rewards being economic freedom!

Toy’s passion; however, is helping people that seem to have the odds against them. The person who can’t see their way out! The person that was doubted and told they will NEVER be anything! The person that was told they will not succeed because they were a teenage parent! The person that always feels like they have a point to prove and can’t let go of negative energy! The child that is getting ready to go to high school and needs to learn about managing their finances in order to avoid unnecessary debt! The person that wants to cultivate their business or advance in their career! Or the person who wants to be a Life Coach! If any of these examples fit your life then YOU are her ideal PARTNER! She is a God fearing woman who feels strongly about one helping thy neighbor. 

Let’s be clear! Toy assures that if you are Ready, Willing, Realistic, and invest the time needed for a successful outcome, you WILL accomplish your goals!

She will not give up on You!
She lives by her motto, I Can’t Let ANYTHING control my MIND, MOOD, or MONEY!

Toy has succeeded where many have not! She had a VISION THAT BECAME A REALITY!!! And YOU CAN TOO!!!

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